Beneficiary Testimonials

I've received a pair of knockers.It is very soft and comfortable Thanks a lot mam and Saaisha team for your efforts and dedication
Subha Abay
Delhi, 16 Feb 2020
तुम्ही पाठवलेले नॉकर्स मिळाले.खूपच comfortable आहेत.तुमच्या या सेवेबद्दल धन्यवाद.खरोखरच तुमची सेवा mastectomy च्या पेशंटना भरपूर दिलासा देणारी आहे.तुम्हाला आरोग्य, ऐश्र्वर्य मिळून पूर्णायुष्य मिळो ही ईश्वरचरणी प्रार्थना
Sadhna Patil
Pune, 15 Sep 2020
Thank you all who have taken this initiative to provide knockers for cancer survivors. Very soft and comfortable and serves the purpose. Quick delivery right to my door step. May God bless all those engaged in this service.
Malini Ravi
Chennai, 2 Nov 2020
Hello Mam. I am Tara Sandeep from Bangalore who spoke to you last month about the artificial cups you provided. First let me thank you for the great work carrying out by your organisation. I thank you for the suggestion you gave as to how to reduce the size of the cup filling according to my other breast. I feel good after wearing it and I hope in the days to come it will serve the purpose. Thank you once again.
Tara Sandeep
Bengaluru, 14 Nov 2020
I m Mahira here. I recd parcel of knitted knockers & am extremely thankful for the same. I appreciate the work undertaken by your institute voluntarily to bring comfort to women who have undergone major surgery & also sideeffects of chemo is really a big relief & also givea a positive feeling of someone really caring for them.THANKS A LOT for the same.
Mumbai, 3 Mar 2021
We tender our great gratitude to all the kind hearts who put their efforts in providing us with a pair of knockers which helped the beneficiary a lot to regain self confidence and a brighter perspective towards future life. We are in our sixties and both our daughters are married away and settled abroad. People like you are are a great blessing for elders like us and we BLESS YOU wholeheartedly for your selfless, praiseworthy & valuable help for the needy people like us in the society. The knockers you sent fits well and are nice to wear.
Romana & Joseph
Kerala, 23 Mar 2021
I recieved the knockers from you. I'm very grateful to you. It is really comfortable to wear. I was in a depressed state after my mastectomy. And I find it very difficult to wear breast pads it causes severe pain but now I feel much better. Thank you so much.I wish let this service rise n shine…
Kerala, 7 Oct 2021
My mom Arti Pandey has received the knockers they are of amazing quality and quite a comfort to wear This has helped her gain confidence and right posture back I am amazed with such an immediate response and quick delivery.
Bhavna Panday
Mumbai, 19 Oct 2021
I, Malathi have received the bundle of love crotched by you and am so happy to share... Its not only the bundle of love, but the confidence conferred to me back to be with people around, the feeling of being normal and not the odd person out is amazing... Thanks a million for this soft, light and cozy feeling. Each particle is meticulously done.. And above all i feel the love showered... Thanks for bringing ME back to normal... Love you all and will want to be the part of this Mission...
Thane, 4 Nov 2021
Thankyou so much for your help the product is phenomenal From your team I’d like to thank each one of you for the hard work and all the effort. To show my appreciation you all are doing an amazing job I am for grateful your work I really appreciate your gratitude and your hard work. Thank you for your hard work! May God shower his blessings on you . All the best. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.
Mumbai, 9 Dec 2021
Thank you so much "Saasisha India " It's a great gift for the beautiful women who have under gone mastectomy. I frankly appreciated the excellent service being provided the needy women. Good luck with lots of love and best wishes. Warm regards.
Haryana, 22 Jan 2022
Dear Saaisha I feel so grateful for your service. I received the knockers for my mother. She felt so happy and excited. Thanks for sending it. N thank you so much for your service. My daughter is just 10 months old. Once she is 1-2 have thought of learning knitting n to join your team soon. Hope you continue to do this and help people. May God bless you and your team ♥️♥️
Kanyakumari, 16 Feb 2022
This is Kajal from Pune. Got crochet pockets last month from you. Started using it. It's very comfortable and very very skin friendly. Want to thanks saaisha and all the volunteers who are working hard to support breast cancer survivors and making their life easy. Thanks a lot 👍👍👍
Pune, 21 Mar 22
I am so glad and fortunate that I came to know about Saaisha(through YouTube). I have been using knockers from a month. It is very comfortable, light weight, easy to wear and easy to wash. I love it. Moreover I am getting my confidence back and started going out and meeting people after wearing it. You people are providing it for free that’s the best part because all can’t afford the silicone one. I really appreciate your efforts and good work. May God Bless You All. I am grateful to you guys.
Bengaluru, 9 Apr 2022
I am writing this email on behalf of my mom, who completed her cancer treatment 5 years ago). The Better India news report made us aware about your amazing foundation. My mom has been using the silicone protheses for more than 4.5 years and although it provided her with the much needed confidence, it was very uncomfortable, heavy and something that could not be customised. The knitted knockers are completely opposite to that. The breathable fabric, the choice to add as much fiber as required are the major pros of the knockers. I would like to thank each and everyone who is a part of the Saaisha foundation from the bottom of my heart for doing a really commendable and selfless job. Hoping you all grow from strength to strength and are able to reach out to as many cancer survivors as possible. Kudos to the entire team and continue the good work!! ❤️
13 May 2022

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